Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!
November 2006 - 2006-11

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Happy Thanksgiving!
Just Blog'n
2007 Rate Changes
Diagnosing problems
Digital Forensics Investigation


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It has been a while since I sent out any updates, but
I only do so when there really is something to say - I
hate spam too.

In this newsletter you will find information on
Netteck's new blog (please become a member), rate
changes starting January 1, 2007, a warm
Thanksgiving holiday wish, Digital Forensics & a new
contact number.

Netteck...Securing Your Digital World

Happy Thanksgiving!
I just wanted to take a second and wish all of you a
very happy Thanksgiving. While trying to keep your
networks up and going, I've developed some very
special friendships (at least they're special to me!)
with many of you, and I just wanted you to know
that you are not just thought of as client; but as
friends. Happy Thanksgiving!


Just Blog'n
Recently I implemented a new way to reach out to
you and the rest of the world; I setup a blog for
Netteck! The link above will open up the site.I hope by creating this it will facilitate a business
related forum of sorts. If you have anything to say,
good or even (yes) bad; post it for the world to see.
If you're happy with our service, let us and the world
know - if you're unhappy, do the same and we'll work
to correct it. Post any questions - computer,
network, security, internet, digital forensics or
general business questions or suggestions as well. If
I don't have an answer, maybe another user will. I
would really like to turn this into a nice community of
businesses helping businesses.


2007 Rate Changes
Since 2000 we have maintained a standard hourly
rate of $75.00. Each year the cost of living has
increased by a national average of about 3%. When
I started Netteck, the rates for computer and
network professionals in this area ranged from $90 -
$120 per hour. I have strived to keep our costs
down so that I can keep your costs down as well.
Unfortunately, beginning January 1st, 2007 we are
going to have to increase our rates.

At the start of the new year we will be increasing our
rates as follows:

On-Site Support: $ 85.00 hour (1 hour minimum -
billed by quarter hours after the first hour)

Remote Support: $ 85.00 hour (1/2 hour minimum -
billed by quarter hours after the first 1/2 hour)

I feel this rate increase is necessary. I wish I could
work for free, but the increased cost of continued
training alone more than justifies the increase.


Diagnosing problems
A man goes to the doctor. "Doc," he says pointing to
different parts of his body, "when I touch my arm it
hurts. When I touch my neck it hurts. And when I
touch my stomach it hurts. Do I have some rare

"No," the doctor replied, "you have a broken finger."So many times the obvious escapes us...


Digital Forensics Investigation
Many of you may not know that I also offer Digital
Forensics Investigations. Over the past couple of
years, I have went through several digital forensic
courses in order to become a Digital Forensic
Investigator or examiner. If you ever have a need for
such services, please keep me in mind.Brian Carrier has written a very nice and brief article
on basic digital forensic investigation and what we
do. Please take a couple of minutes, read his article
and let me know if you have any questions.

Read Brian's article...


From time to time it seems that some of you are
having a hard time reaching me. I would like to take
a step in resolving the issue. The WV telephone
number: 304-697-0577 forwards to my Ohio office
number (740-886-1794). Whenever I am out of the
office I forward the lines to my cell phone.
Previously, that's where the call stopped. Now, if I
am unavailable on my cell phone - your call will
automatically forward to my pager (304-696-0577).
You can either leave me a brief message which will be
sent alpha-numerically to my pager - or just enter
your number and I will get back to you. I hope this
will resolve the sometimes "unavailable" situation.WV: 304-697-0577
OH: 740-886-1794
Pager: 304-696-0577


Thanks for your time, attention and continued
patronage. I look forward to hearing from you,
reading your blogs and working with you soon.



Michael Bias
email: mbias@netteck.net
phone: 304-697-0577

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